Indulge in the finest Thai cuisine & find your own little piece of Thailand


Classical Cocktails with a Thai Twist. All our cocktails are freshly made.


The Lime Leaf Margarita - £6.95  
Tequila, cointreau and sugar flavoured with fresh kaffir lime leaves

Asian Bubble - £6.95
Vodka, Triple Sec, Apple Juice, Lychee and bubbles

The Lime Leaf Island Punch - £6.95
Lashings of rum with ginger juice, pineapple, guava and lime

Mojito - £6.95
Vodka and rum with fresh lime and mint

Sweet Shop - £6.95

Gin, apple, rasberries and lime and a tickle of syrup

Andaman Mule - £6.95
Absolut Citron, raspberries, lime and ginger beer

Pink Elephant - £5.50
Guava, grenadine and bubbles

Raspberry Bellini - £4.95
Raspberry and bubbles


Mocktails (without the alcohol)


Sweet Shop - £4.95

Andaman Mule - £4.95

Island Punch - £4.95